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 the steak house

our steak house entrees are served with yukon gold potatoes and winter vegetables


We are proud to serve Angus AAA beef from Spring Creek Ranch. Their cattle are free ranged raised without antibiotics or added hormones.



The Admiral’s Steak A six ounce tenderloin topped with hand picked crab and char-grilled prawns and drizzled with lemon hollandaise. 49.75


Second Street Beef Tenderloin  A six ounce beef tenderloin is lightly seasoned, perfectly charbroiled over hot coals, topped with cambazola cheese and served with a merlot/blackberry demi.  33.75


The Peppered Steak    Eight grand ounces of glorious New York is rubbed down with fresh cracked pepper, then seared in a hot cast iron pan, and finished with a green peppercorn & brandy demi.  32.50


The Naked Steak   Dressed with only fresh cracked pepper and sea salt, this eight ounce New York steak shines on its own. Finished with parsley butter and onion rings 29.50  


Baby Back Ribs   Falling off the bone tender, our pork rack is slow roasted with hickory-home smoked onions and chipotle and bourbon infused barbecue sauce.   29.75   Smaller appetite? A half rack of ribs.   21.75


Nelia’s Chicken  Fresh from the Cowichan Valley. Stuffed with lemon, sage, thyme and butter then baked with maple syrup, sun dried cranberries and wine. 27-


epic add on’s

four char-grilled prawns 9-

hand picked dungeness crab 10-

sautéed mushrooms 5-


    **a gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of six or more**





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