Kids Dinner Options 


Kids Pasta

Just noodles and butter

(if you would like cheese or cream/tomato sauce, no problem)


With chicken or fish  11-



Kids Chicken 

Lunch- Served with fries and salad

Dinner- Served with potatoes and vegetables



Kids Salmon

Lunch- Served with fries and salad 

Dinner- Served with Rice and Vegetables 



Kids Fish ‘N Chips



Kids Plain Cheese Burger with Fries

(and some ketchup!)



Grilled Cheese 

On House Crafted Bread with Fries



Dia’s Deal

Two bites of Chicken Served with a wee bit of Rice and Veg

(For our guests under 3 years old)



Misbehaving children disturbing other guests 

will be made to walk the plank! ARRRRG!