The Cocktail Show

All of our house cocktails are doubles. Single is a life style, not a drink. 



Love Bellini   2oz    13-

White rum, silky mango sorbet, fresh lime, topped with blackberry cider.


Di’s Vesper (Martini)   13-

Stirred, not shaken. Ketal One vodka, Tanqueray Gin and Lillet, with a hint of ice wine and lemon.


Libertad (Cuban old fashion)  2oz   13-

Matusalem Grand Reserve Cuban Rum, fresh pressed orange,

pear bitters, dash of Amaretto, Star Anise.


New York Sour 2oz  12-

A traditional Weiser’s whiskey sour finished with our red wine & port reduction. Glorious!


Tequila sour  2oz    12-

hand squeezed lime, lemon and orange juice with 

tequila blanco, citrus syrup and raspberry ice.


Smashed Passionfruit Long Island    2oz   12-

 vodka, gin, white rum and lots of tequila with smashed passionfruit and

 finished with a hint of vanilla and fresh lemon. 


Pacific Rim Admiral’s Caesar  2oz   25-  cocktail + snacks   

our classic double caesar made with local Pacific Rim vodka and crowned 

with house smoked salmon, garlic crostinis and a pile of local side stripe shrimp. This is West Coast living at its best!





Vodka           Absolut      Humpback (Locally distilled)       Ketal One          Grey Goose        Van Gogh Espresso  


Gin              Beefeater         Tanqueray            Bombay           Hendrick’s   


Canadian Whiskey         Wiser’s        Crown Royal          Lot  No. 40        Sortilege Maple Whiskey         


Irish  Whiskey         Bushmills           Jameson


Bourbon            Bulleit       Buffalo Trace       Maker’s Mark      Jack Daniel’s     Jack Daniel’s Honey


White Rum         Lamb’s White


Dark Rum          Lambs’ Dark       Appleton  Estates      Matusalem   


Spiced Rum          Sailor Jerry      Kraken Spiced


Tequila              Olmeca White       Jaral de Berrio Mezcal     Patron Anejo Gold